Wednesday, November 15

An empty wardrobe called heart

An empty heart
It looks so bare
I remember all those feelings
Which hanged in there

Serene bliss of smelling kid's hair
Feeling at home in loved ones arm
Now searching for these comforts
I remember holding them close to heart.

Joy and pride of small victories
Urge to do more after every setback
Where did these motivations go
I remember nurturing the broken heart.

Emptiness after reading a good book Trickling tears watching sad endings
Did I lock these up in a wardrobe
Leaving an empty heart

Laughing out loud is now lol
Can you be with me is now I am fine thanks
Is it indifference or cry for help

A shut empty wardrobe
With remnants of vague memories
That's what I now call my heart.

Wednesday, May 10


I look back more often
May be you are there
May be I missed a turn
May be you were waiting for me
I cant help
But I still keep looking back
Hoping to see you looking for me
Hoping you are  still around me.