Sunday, July 10

Falling and Rising in Love

Falling in love at first sight is deceiving.
We fall in love with the idea of someone
And not with the one who is receiving.
People only reveal themselves in pieces.
We fill in the gaps, with what we forced ourself into believing.

Rising in love is self revealing.
In midst of silent stolen gazes
When no words are spoken yet more is said than what you intended saying.
You look into their eyes and there is no disguise
The gaps are filled with trust then life is more fulfilling.


  1. Wow, beautiful and so true.. Been telling a friend who's going thru a broken engagement that he is in love with the idea of someone, not the real Her, but he doesnt get it...

  2. I would have said earlier as well.Your voccabulary skills are damn good.More than the meaning of your writtings,what catches my attention is your voccabulary skills.Sorry,raised with THE HINDU :-)

    So,What's up ?