Thursday, November 19

Don't shoo me away

Ringing Phone
Buzzing Notifications
Worrying list of Unticked to-do list
What do I start next
What do I ignore next

Corner cubicle
Overlooking lush green patch
encircled by concrete jungle.
Lost in work
And losing in life.

Red and Blue, Gold and pink
Colors of life,
Talking butterfly on laptop , hallucinating?
fluttering with gay
On the pale excel grid.

"Dont shoo me away. I am you.
Come along, lets take a walk.
Dont shoo me away. I am you.
Fly along lets have a view"
Cant you see I am skyping

Red, Blue and  Gold , Where did your pink go?
Get off my hair ,before I shoo you away
"Dont shoo me away. I am you.
Lets go out and make some friends "
cant you see I am mailing.

Red and Blue ,Gold is gone too.
Please Dont fade away.
"Then Dont shoo me away. I am you.
lets go out and Find life"
My Life is here. Cant you see I am working.

Just Red and now you are pale.
What do you want from me?
"Dont shoo life away. I am you.
Dont give up on you."

With Glimmering hope also came a buzzing call
I answered - Yes Sir. You will have the data in 15 mins.
"Colors faded , now I am just a fly
You shooed your life away'