Friday, February 27

Story Doesn't End Here

Doggy bag of Mixed feelings
Little Sense of accomplishment
Moments of disgrace
Unmatched Expectations
Small packets of sorrow
Highly Confused input
Scrambled output
And hopefully more work to do

Hence story surely doesn't end here

Sunday, February 8

Songs and Memories

Every song has a story behind it. Every song has loads of memory attached to it. 
Some songs pull the strings in my heart. While some songs literally pauses a few heart beats. 

We usually project the situation we were at that given momemnt when we hear the song and we attach memories based on what the song is conveying metaphorically and musically.

Chaiya Chaiya song from dil se makes me feel free. Gives me a sense of freedom. That was the first movie that I saw in Bhopal with my college friends right after fresher's night at the end of multiple weeks of ragging. 

Titanic Song reminds me of those long days and nights spent preparing for entrance exams after 12th exams. It also bring back memories of a good school friend with whom we watched this movie and the tears I shed when he passed away. 

Jadu hai tera jadu ( Ghulam) gives me a feeling of achievement. This may be because I was listening to this song on my brand new walkman while returing to chennai after getting my REC seat for engineering. 

Koyi Fariyaad ( Tum Bin) early marriage car drives from home to work.

yaar yaar shivam (Anbe Sivam) .. literally stops time

These are very few songs from my big list. Memories come gushing from corners of heart which I never knew existed with so many of these gems. 

I am sure you would have your list too.