Tuesday, December 23

The Year that was

This year that was..
A year to undream and undust
A year that showed the unmasked self
A year of unwritten fates and obituaries
A year that shed those uncried tears
A year which needs to be unlived to unlearn

Tuesday, December 9

Curse of an Indian daughter in law

After being married we belong no where. 

We are treated like an outsider when we are at our ex-home by parents, coz we no longer belong in there. It is even better if we have a sister in law and our parents are staying  with brother. 

At the in-laws place.. yes we  are at  in-laws place. what more can we expect? 
yup.. all that we can expect is the wonderful new reporting structure.

Feeling at home!! we are free to feel at home at work if we are lucky enough to continue working.

Saturday, November 29

The Devil in me

The devil in me
Feeds on the ego
While smiling at the chaos

The devil in me
blends in with my shadow
clouds my future fallow

The devil in me
Yields me to my dark temptations
with raging alluring distractions

That wasn't me in my control
The bitter sweet fascinations of life
I am still in love with
The devil in me

Tuesday, October 21

The Journey

Every Stop is a destination
Every stop opens other path before us
Every stop has other travelers ahead and behind. 
If this road ended here.. we would walk into another 
Seeking new horizon, We our only guide. 
Don’t let the time erase the footprint
Hope to meet in some other crossroad of this life.

Friday, February 14


That exact moment
where you have nowhere to go
no one to lookup to
no one to vent
no soul who would understand leave alone support
when all that is around is misunderstanding and disappointment

Sucking everything out of "whatever is left of life"

wondering if I am the biggest disappointment ever. EVER

Monday, January 13

How my weekends are spent

After Lunch:
May be I should write something. may be

May be .. May be write a blog.

May be I should just read some blogs.

May be I should do something better.. read a book may be

which book? may be this one.. nopes not this.. couldnt cross the 2nd chapter.
How about this.. nah too much drama. sleepy. How about this..
May be I should just read the newspaper

Main paper is too boring.. supplement may be..
haaaaa.. TV Schedule on page 2.
Castle at 16:00.. TV here I come.