Saturday, May 25

Dummies Guide For Driving Comfort

Follow the below steps if you want a 3 hours comfortable  journey after a day long drive: 
  • Go onsite to some European country
  • Make sure you carry your Indian driving license ( with no spelling mistake in your name. Date of birth should match the dob in your passport)
  • Wait for a long weekend
  • Plan for a trip.
  • Enjoy the drive
  • Get excited when someone says "Parking Fine" without knowing that is a yellow ticket  and not a praise. 
  • Get tired
  • Try to understand the difference between M 95 and D 95 fuel
  • Get confused .
  • Get confused to the extent that you fill diesel in place of petrol
  • Wait in the convenience store of  the same petrol bunk for the tow truck to arrive
  • Blame the lady in counter for confusing us and enjoy a free coffee
  • Ask the driver of the tow truck for a  free drop to the nearest bus stop
  • Sit in the car , loaded on the tow truck and enjoy the ride to the bus station
  • Enjoy the Sleep in the bus for the next 3 hours. 

Do you know that you don't need a driving license if you are driving a car from Oslo to Gothenberg. Especially when you are sitting in car on a truck.