Friday, March 15

Numbered List of Thoughts at 00.45 AM

Effects of making flow charts and understanding documents at this part of the day / night .. well , It is 00:45 AM  now. Wondering if it is technically mid night or early morning.
  1. Is there any difference between flow diagram and flow chart?
  2. why do spammers spend so much time and effort for spamming even after they know that those mails would end up in spam folder?
  3. Will there be anyone as cool as Barney from "how I met you mother?" if he does exist will he write the bro code book?
  4. Throat burning .. is it the fresh lime soda effect?
  5. whats the relation between  this man riding the horse backwards and old spice ?
  6. Am I feeling hungry or is my stomach burning ?
  7. what to trust at work .. politics or work?
  8. why am I writing a blog with numbered list? 
Don't know how to end this post.. Actually don't know why I started writing this post.