Friday, November 30

A good evening

Attended my cousin's daughter's wedding reception.
Met a few interesting people.
Met a few close relatives for the first time ( ironic isnt it)

Had a good time with my brother and sister in law.
An evening well spent.

Wednesday, November 28

Down the Memory Lane

Past is a desolated castle
Search for the forgotten
Ends in the dim lit memory lane
Echoes of giggles
Whispers of deadly screams
Pierces the mist
The white light on the mirror
The familar forgotten face
The silence, the pain
And the image that looked
A lot more fat....

Friday, November 23

This , That and All

1st Person: You did "This" because of this,  you were forced to do "that" which failed. You were not supposed to "this"  as it is wrong.
2nd Person: As a part of usual routine I did "this" . dont know why "that" failed. I asked others if "that" failed coz of them. Got no answer from them.

Now does that qualify the 2nd person from doing "this" coz nobody took the blame for the failed "that" even after the 2nd person knows that doing "this" is wrong.