Sunday, July 3

Yielding to Temptation

I had been wanting you ever since I saw you on TV.
I saw you in the market the other day.
You looked so inviting. I wanted to have you.

Felt guilty, coz I had been loyal all these years. I felt torn.
But I just could not control myself any longer.

You came with a price. But I thought you were worth it.

I had you in my hands. The moment you touched my lips.. eeeekssssssss.. you tasted burnt.
Dear Oreo biscuits .. you suck.
Dear Bourbon Biscuits .. you are always the best. And I love you so

So Whats plan for the weekend?

Did you just ask me that question

Hmm. ok .. So here are my plans.

I am presently planning to go to Switzerland for a skiing resort.
After that I am planning to drive to Denmark to visit the little mermaid.
And yeah, if possible visit the most famous Copenhagen prison too

After Denmark, I am planning to go Netherlands, to run around those green pastures.
May be I will bring you all a few litres of fresh milk.
SMS me if you want me to carry a few litres of foreign cow's milk back to India.

And later if time permits, I would fly to England and walk on the London Bridge and set my watch time based on Big Ben. Then I plan to meet our beloved Queen and maybe I will have breakfast with Prince William and Kate.

Hey hey .. why are you looking so surprised.. Doesn’t that sound great?
Looks like you are still not convinced...OK may be I will change it to visiting NASA. How does this sound.

Guys .. Beware …Before you ask me this question .. ever ever ever again
Even after knowing that all that I may be doing over the weekend is the week's laundry and cleaning my son's shoes and visiting grocery store for next week's preparation.


And then don’t look surprised when I tell you my plans to visit Moon for buying a plot.