Wednesday, January 19

Vechchan Da Aapppu

Venue: Balcony, Home.

Time: Afternoon

Raghav: Amma.. Why do these squirrel have those lines on the back??

Me: hmmm .. do you remember, thatha told you Ramayana story?

Raghav: hmmmmm

Me: Where did Rama go to get Seetha and fought with Ravana?

Raghav: SriLanka

Me: good. How did he cross the sea?

Raghav: Monkeys helped him

Me: how did monkeys help him?

Raghav: They carried stones and built a bridge

Me: correct. at that time, there was a one squirrel. This squirrel also wanted to build the bridge. It picked up small stones and helped Rama. Rama was very happy and stroked Squirrel's back with his fingers. the lines on squirrel's back are impressions of Rama's fingers.

Raghav: huh?? Was Rama's hand that dirty???? Hasnt that squirrel taken bath yet?? If I catch hold of that squirrel and wash him with lots of soap will those lines go???

Me: (Vechchan Da Aapppu) now .. will you go wash your hand and have your snacks???

Lesson Learnt:

Never tell stories to kid to explain things which have scientific reasons