Friday, March 12

Vechchan Da Aapppu

Venue: Home

Time: 10:30 PM


Raghav: Why do we have two iron bars running below the train's wheels.

Me: They are called train tracks. You know na ... we travel by train when we go long distance...

         They lead the train from one station to another.

Raghav: appo Amma.. For even more longer distances we travel by aero planes.. Do we have tracks up in the sky..

Me:  (Vechchan da aapppu) Time up .. Time to Sleep


Wednesday, March 10

How I lost an arugument!

Venue: Home

Time: 9:45 PM


Raghav found two chocolates in fridge. I grabbed them before he could take them


Raghav: I want those chocolates

Me: Not Now.  You should have milk before you sleep

Raghav: I will drink milk after eating chocolates

Me: It is not good to eat chocolates before you sleep. You teeth will start decaying.

Raghav: I will brush my teeth

Me: ok.. you should drink milk and also brush your teeth?

Raghav: yes

Me: ok .. Take this .. Only one

Raghav: NOOO.. Twoly Two


Next moment .. both chocolates were in his hand.

And I knew I lost an argument


Such is Life..