Thursday, January 28

Morning Rush


Venue:  Home  


Time: 9:00 PM

Me: Raghav .. you should try now.

Raghav: No Amma.. it is not coming..


Time: 9:30 PM

Me: now.  Will you .. please Raghav now..

Raghav: Amma .. will do it after this game .. one more game .. ok?


Time: 10:00 PM

Me: Raghav.. please try now. Try for 2 mins..please

Raghav: Please Amma .. I told you .. I don’t feel like doing it now. Please no


Time: 7:00 AM

Me: Raghav..can you try now ..

Raghav:  Amma . I don’t feel like doing it now.. will do it later

Me:  Do you remember you have school today.. will you go to school without doing it

Raghav: I will go to school and then do it..


Time :  8:00 AM

Me:  Try for 2 mins Raghav.. if it still doesn’t come.. then ok.. we will do it later. But just try .. for 2 mins please

Raghav:  How many times should I tell you that I don’t feel like doing now… please ma ..



Venue: Main Road (waiting for school bus)

Time :  8:50 AM


Me: ??

Raghav: TOILET  



Hmmm… Life can be cruel at times.



Wednesday, January 6