Sunday, October 25

I am amazed

Do you know anyone who can recount an incident in following ways:

1. In active voice
2. In passive voice
3. In first person's view
4. In second person's view
5. In third person's view
6. Finally conclude in their own view...

I know ...
And I am amazed..

Wednesday, October 7

Happy Birthday Kiran

Today is Kiran’s birthday..

I hope he has a good day!


Raghav was quite excited about his dad’s birthday.. but dint wish him.

Raghav gave him a big hug and that expressed everything he would have wanted to tell his dad.


MIL made puri for breakfast. She also made that yellow alloo sabji, which Kiran likes.


I wanted Kiran to buy a pair of new shoes.

But he doesn’t seem to have enough time to go shopping.


Happy Birthday Kiran!!