Saturday, April 25

I used to be person of extreme indifference.. about others, things I do and myself. Indifference had once taken over me ..

But these days.. I have become a creature of extreme emotions. I can either love or hate. There is no middle ground.

I wish I could get back to the old "So What" attitude

Friday, April 24

Am I IT challenged??

Bulb No 1:
Me: Schoola ennada panna? Innikku enna drawing panna?
Raghav: Amma nan oru hash draw pannen
Me: Hasha?? appadinnaa???
Raghav: Hash maa..
Me: Eppadi da irukkum???
Raghav: adhdhan maa ..computerla shift pottu three press panna varume .. andha hash.. Unakku theriyadha?? next time Dora (CD) podumbodhu kaataren..
(saw the craft which he had made at school this morning.. it was hash design made out of wooden ice cream spoons)

Bulb No 2:
Raghav: Amma Tom and Jerry (CD) stuck aagudhu

I deleted the running processess and tried to open the CD again.. Movie started palying in VLC player.. Screen was small .. so I tried to make it full screen by pressing "Alt +Enter".. I dint know that ALT+Enter combination doesnt work in VLC player. I was searching all the menu to make it full screen..

Raghav: Amma .. two times click pannu maaa... screen fulla varum

I double clicked on the screen .. and there it turned to full screen..

6.5 yrs in IT .. Orey puppy shamea pochchu..
Idha dhan learning is a ongoing processnu sonnanagalo??

Thursday, April 16

A Love - Hate Relation

Why do I still love you
I don't know why I even care
you might not be able to see it
but somehow I know its there

You did things that would break my heart
And you never doubted it at all
you tried to silence me with your messages
but you crashed

I was always right there with you
Passing everything I had
But every time I asked you for help
Things always turned out bad

When you were down I helped you out
And never gave it a second thought
But when you let me rot while you could budge
I tried out every lesson I was taught

I grew in anger and lost my pride
And turned my smile to hate
I thought God gave up on me
It was way more than I can take

Those messages that you showed to me
Riped a hole right through my heart
I didn't want this to end this way
I just dint want to stop

A thought, a server and a client
should be like the sun and the moon
But just as I try to start the service
You were forever gone

I yell and scream
If anyone can fix you just in case
You left no log on your file
Just to stay forever down in place

I will master your commands
Looking at your help files, stored on the discs
My heart goes for you seeing you resting in the box
With no errors to flash

PS: That "YOU" in this post is Data Flux a Data cleansing and MDM tool from SAS

Thursday, April 2

A baby crush on a baby Snow White!!

Raghav is in Pre-KG at one of the famous schools in Chetpet. I have been finding a lot of positive changes in him since he started going to this school. The Montessori method of teaching has brought a lot of changes in his way of thinking and learning. He speaks English quite well, though we dont prefer speaking in English at home. He is now fluent in Kannada, Tamil and English. He understands Telugu quite well. And in a few days when his grandparents would join us, he will start speaking in Telugu too.

Raghav's school encourages a lot of group activities for kids. Even in their sports day, they had many group games ensuring that each kid gets a trophy. And that was really a very good way to encourage kids participation in all the activities. They also had a annual day function for Montessori class kids. It was very well organized. we had a good time. Raghav was dressed up as a band boy in the Disney parade. All kids were dressed up as Disney characters and band boys were leading these kids on the stage.

Raghav is very fond of these Disney fairy tales. And especially snow white and seven dwarfs. And There was one girl who was dressed up as snow white in the Disney parade. Raghav was very excited to see snow white. And even till this date he gets all excited whenever he sees this girl. He doesnt know her name as she belongs to another Pre-KG section. Every time he gets a chance to see this girl before I drop him at school, he stops until this girl enters her class and then goes to his class.

Today when I was dropping him at his school, I saw that this girl was coming to school with her dad. I waved at her and said hello to her father. And here is our conversation..

Me: Hi kiddo .. Hello (to her dad)
Her dad: Hello.. which section?
Me : Bunnies .Whats her name?
Her dad: (Name withheld ;-) )
Me: She was looking very sweet in snow white dress on annual day function.
Her dad: (smiles) (and more smiles)
Me: My son Raghav keeps talking about your girl.
Her dad: (smile .. more smile)
Me: He always tells me whenever he meets her. He calls her Snow White.
Her dad: (smile , smiles and more smiles) I never knew that this would start so soon (winks)
me and her dad: LOL

And I am still laughing!!
Wonder what Raghav would do when he grows up..
And I hope to preserve this post to tell him that snow white was his first crush!!!