Tuesday, October 14

Ultimate Answers

The Guardian

I watched the movie "The Guardian" over the weekend.
This movie had some very good dialogues.. And here are a few I liked.. (ripped from IMDB)

Jake Fischer: You do *not* want to hear about my day.
Emily Thomas: Yeah, I do.
Jake Fischer: Man, this guy Randall, you know, it doesn't matter what I do. It's just not good enough.
Emily Thomas: Maybe he's just trying to push you to be better. We teachers do that to the ones we believe in.
Jake Fischer: No, it's personal with me. He's knows that I'm better then he was. I mean, today I broke every one of his records. I owned them all.
Maggie McGlone: Not all of them. There's one record you won't break.
[takes a picture off the wall]
Maggie McGlone: This is 'The Aegis'. Medical ship. Caught on fire. It was a nightmare; people burning in their beds. And Ben Randall got every one of those people out of there, except for this one guy. And right when the ship started to go down, he reaches down and grabs this guy. He's hanging from the cable with this man's life in his hands, and the winch jams. It's twenty minutes to the base. The man's screaming, but Ben looks him dead in the eye, and do you know what he said? He said "I won't let go."
Emily Thomas: What happened?
Maggie McGlone: Dislocated his shoulder, tore every tendon in his hand, but he didn't let go. Twenty minutes, just fingertips. You break that record, and you give me a call.
Jake Fischer: ...My day was alright.

Jake Fischer: Hey, I wanted to apologize for what I said earlier about you being old and washed up.
[Ben nods]
Jake Fischer: ...Is there anything you'd like to say to me?
Ben Randall: Like what?
Jake Fischer: I don't know, I apologized to you, I just thought that, you know, there might be something you've said or done that you'd like to apologize to me for...
Ben Randall: Why?
Jake Fischer: Cause...that's how's it's done, I...you suck at apologizes.

Billy Hodge: We go to "A" School, which is the most difficult school in the military. The attrition rate's like...what is it, 50 percent?
Jake Fischer: 50 percent.
Billy Hodge: Over 50 percent. We're still here. Cause we're the best of the best. When storms shut down entire ports, you know who goes out? Uh, we do. When hurricanes ground the US Navy, guess who goes out! That's right, we do!
Bartender: Look honey, you'd better keep it down in here.
Billy Hodge: Okay, honey.
[to Jake]
Billy Hodge: She called me 'honey'!
[to the bartender]
Billy Hodge: Okay, honey! But when God himself reaches down from heaven...What does he do, Jake?
Jake Fischer: [trying not to laugh] Rips houses off the foundations.
Billy Hodge: When God himself rips houses off the foundations, we go out! Because we are rescue swimmers, and that's what we do.

Friday, October 10

Time Machine Tag

Looks like a revenge tag

Here goes my time machine vrrooomm...
2008 - 2013
Business Inteligence
PMP certification
2nd Std note books
School Home work
Teach raghav to read
Will I be a Cool Mom!!
Brother's marriage
SIL's kid

2014 - 2019
8th Std note books
Introduce classics (novels) to Raghav
Complete 35 years
Hit gym with Kiran
Project Management
Weight Gain
Wear glasses
Europe trip
Join some intrumental class with Raghav
Bro's kid

2020 -2025
Board exams
Final Destination - Raghav's choice
World tour with Kiran
Some head position

2026 -2030
Raghav settled

Tuesday, October 7

A tag

Ten Things You Wish You Could Say To People Right Now :
1. Gym instructor: Whats the fastest and easiest way to reduce weight? Muje pathla karo
2. M: From where to do you get so much energy to talk?
3. S , H and F: From where do you get so much patience to hear her speaking?
4. PM: Please ... Muje kuch achcha kaam do.
5. Hello.. (My cellphone is lying dead since morning)
6. Your Coffee sucks ( to the coffee vendor guy)
7. Jorgen Hiezenberg - I highly appreciate your thoughts on BI
8. Vineet Nayyar - loved your dance
9. Guess familiarity breeds contempt.
10.To everyone: Hurray!!!! I am not working from 15th to 31th of this month

Nine Things About Yourself
1. I had a big crush on the cricketer Venkatapathy Raju.
2. Once upon a time, I was a voracious reader. I loved reading classics like "Mayor of Casterbridge". I can even quote a few lines from them.
3. The one and only sports certficate which I won, was for three legged race in 1990
4. I have a great difficulty in memorizing phone numbers. Sometimes I forget my own cell phone number
5. I have more guy friends than girls
6. I bite nails.
7. My late grandfather appears in all my dreams, irrespective of the dream scenario or situation
8. I hate Feminists
9. I cannot stop talking about my son. Be it to a watchman or a drop dead handsome guy.

Eight Ways To Win Your Heart
1. Listen my rants
2. Buy me a Book
3. Dont ask me to cook for you
4. Strong coffee with less sugar
5. Call me often ( Excuse me .. I dont love those telemarketers)
6. Follow Khalil Gibran's words "let there be spaces in your togetherness".
7. Buy me loads of dark chocolates
8. Be Unpredictable.

Seven Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot
1. What is Raghav doing now?
2. Equivalent Dilbert strips for any stituation at work
3. I should get some physical excersice.
4. I should stop biting my nails.
5. Robert frost's "Miles to go before you sleep"
6. Dont stop ... you are almost there..
7. How can I be so stupid... Is anyone watching me ...

Six Things You Wish You Never Did
1. Start a Blog .. I would have had more time for other things
2. Stop my studies with just a BE degree.
3. Let people take me for granted.
4. Sharing knowledge.. I never knew it would have its negative effects too
5. Join Keane. Learnt that people dont leave companies , but they leave their managers.
6. Cut my hair

Five Turn-Off’s
1. Male Chauvinistic pigs ..( Mind you .. I am not a feminist)
2. Dumb smile
3. Comparing me with others
4. People trying to act smart but are not
5. People asking me on why I have never been onsite

Four Turn-On’s
1. Intelligence
2. Big smiling calm eyes
3. Honesty
4. Respect to others.

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die
Visit Denmark
Slim down to 50 Kg
Camp in African forest

Two Smileys that Describe You
unhappy smileys
free smilies

One Confession:
I love tags character smileys

1. Ones and Zeros kiran
2. Girl walking on the cloud - Goush
3. Kavikkuil - Bhuvi
4. Those who want to take up, take it up....

Birthday Message to my Husband!

We have our ups and downs
This we both know
Through it all, our love
Still manages to grow

There's something I want to tell you
And I'm sure you already know
You're an important part in my life
And I love you so

Pic and Poem from (http://www.things-to-say.com/)

Wednesday, October 1

New post on Denzel

Publicity .... ofcourse Shameless!!
New post on Denzel