Tuesday, August 26

My Bucketlist

Have my own personal library of books and CDs.

Visit my college with all my friends.

Spend a night in an African forest

Pose for a photo in front of the little mermaid in Denmark and spend the christmas eve at Tivoli

Vist all European Countries.

Work for some NGO

Stick a print out of a whacky Dilbert strip on my cubicle.

Buy something (medicines exempted) for myself without feeling guilty about it.

Drive a car on a highway.

Slap someone whom I hate the most

Monday, August 25

New post on Denzel

Shameless publicity again!!
A new post on Denzel blog..

Monday, August 18

Adventure ( Horror!!!) at 00:15 Hrs

How would you feel when

You have to board a train at 00:15 Hrs.

You are travelling alone.

The train stops for just 5 minutes at this station.

You board the train to find your berth already occupied

The person sleeping in your berth also has a valid ticket

The ticket examinar tells you are carrying yesterday's ticket

You finally understand how you have messed by booking the ticket for 17th 00:15 hrs train while you are actually travelling on 18th 00:15 hrs. All this confusion because you were leaving home on 17th

You travel for 8 hours standing on one leg in an unreserved compartment, cursing yourself for all the mess.

Your train is running late by an hour.

You have to reach work soon as you are in a new project.

This is how you will look when you enter work

Friday, August 8

Raghav's Birthday!!

August 11th is my son's birthday. He turns a whopping ... 3 year old..
These three years went so fast.. amazingly fast.

Kind of sad to think that those days will never return. I am sure even if he could return them to us, he wouldn’t, because he is having a blast being the “Terrible 3?!!?!".

Needless to say though, amma is proud. Life is simple for now. I’m proud of just the fact that he’s growing up.

Copy Paste from my site

I picked this from my site . Posting it here . coz that made me nostalgic about my Patni days.

Just a few of the things that i cherish in life ....
Death by chocolates
A Cute teady Candle lights
Lavender water
The sound of my cell buzzing.
If it is buzzing it is someone i like!
Late night walks
The smell and sound of rain. also getting caught in them...
Crushed cottons
Pastels Holding hands in public
Bonfires on cold nights
Late night conversations
The crescent moon
A large stack of books
Whipped Cream and strawberries
Foamy cup of hot chocolate
The message that says: You've got mail.
Hand written letters

Things I miss .....
Hostel Life
All my College Friends
A Cute little dog .. A heartbeat at my feet
Hostel Birthday Parties
Mess Food
Doogy and Bruno