Wednesday, April 30

Story of Ultimate Hatred turned Friendship(??!!)

This is not another He-She story. It is a story of ultimate hatred. , revenge , ego clashes and a lot of negative feelings. This is not a short story. It went on for 4 years to come to more or less a happy ending.

He was her college mate for 4 years. She was one of the toppers in the first year and then He took over the position. This was surely not their issue because She knew He was brilliant. She admired His capabilities and his hard working nature. She appreciated the fact that a Hindi medium guy who wrote his first year Physics answer paper in Hindi worked his way up to being a college topper.
They were friends(??!!) for a few days. They even exchanged birthday cards. There were rumors that He had a soft corner for Her. But He hated to admit she was intelligent probably because he was the leader of the male chauvinist group of their college.
She wanted a partner for doing a technical paper presentation and she thought He would be the best option. But He never even considered Her request. But this did not stop her from winning the Paper presentation contest conducted at BITS.
She was one of first few students who got placed in a IT company through campus interviews. He commented saying that IT companies were for Losers. And He joined CDOT.
The best attempt from His side to tarnish her image was when He tried to cross question during Her project reviews to prove that the functionality She has tried to embed in her project is already existing. The Project Review hall turned into a ground for Fourth world War leaving other teams and professors frustrated.
Similar small incidents sparked the hatred between the two. Leaving just the two in one room, would have made sure one was dead, that is how much they hated each other by the end of third year.
After an year of leaving the college, He mailed her to her office id. She replied back calling him "A Male Chauvinistic PIG". He called her to tell her how sorry He was for all the things He did to her during the college days.
She is happily settled in India and He is pursuing his Masters Degree in France.
They are in touch again. They exchange scraps with not even a small trace of the previous enemity. Have they grown up? or Is it the effect of the new generation of Networking Sites?
Anyways !!! Thanks to Orkut and Hi5!

Saturday, April 26

Miss those days!!

Life is not the breath you take. Its the momemts that take your breath away.

Wednesday, April 23

A Tag!

I know that this blog is not visited by many.
But still .. that doesnt stop me from writing tag.

Any five question-
no matter how personal, private, or random.

I have to answer them all and answer them honestly.

In turn, you post this message in your own blog and answer the questions that are asked to you.

Ready ... Start ... Shoot your questions

And I am tagging Rajesh

Tuesday, April 22

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."

Oscar Wilde

Friday, April 11

A grand Hurrahhh!!!!

Our Team attended a virtual training session conducted by Microsoft on SQL server 2008 and its new features. At the end of each session, an online quiz was conducted.
And our team won a LOTS of prizes !!!!!

Can you believe !!!
6 - 4GB pen drives and
3- MS- Press Books..

The sessions were very informative and pretty useful.
Hats off to Microsoft team for giving us this nice opportunity!!

check out for more details of the online sessions!

OUR TEAM ROCKS!!! As Always!!!!

Thursday, April 10

Dylan wins rock's first Pulitzer

He surely deserves it!!

You got a lot of nerve
To say that you're my friend
When I was down
You just stood there grinnin'

I love them

Tuesday, April 8


I like this word "Hmmmmmmmm"
A "H" followed by umpteen m's

For some, this word might sound empty , bleak or may be forsaken

For me, its pretty dear , though sometimes meaningless
It brings a feeling of exultation and joy
which is lost in other common known yes and no

Friday, April 4


what happens when the dreams are delayed?
Do we forget them? ..No

Do they stink like a rotten corpse? .. NoDo they just fade away in the bright sun? ..No

They stay ... and sag like a heavy load