Wednesday, December 19

My college days -- made me too Nostalgic

Life is not the breath you take. Its the momemts that take your breath away.

Wednesday, December 12

Happy Birthday Friend

I wish you fortune
I wish you peace
I wish you pleasures beyond belief
I wish you success in all that you do
I wish you love - strong and true
I wish you that luck might come your way
Especially on this day
Happy Birthday Hari

Friday, November 2

Congrats and all the best Dear Friend !!!

Hari .. My very good friend is getting engaged this month..
And I am very happy for this fellow ...

Hi Hari

May you always find joy in each other!
May your dreams get fullfiled in each other!

Friday, August 10

Happy Birthday Raghav

We are celebrating Raghav's birthday tomorrow...

Its seems like yesterday when I posted
" Making the decision to have a child--It's momentous.
It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."

He is already 2 yrs now !!!!

I guess I read a lot of Calvin and Hobbes comic strip durin my pregnency ..
Raghav seems to be having a many traits of Calvin ..
I just wish he doesnot grow more notorious

A few things which Raghav does are more like these comic strips !!!
Life is not the breath you take. Its the momemts that take your breath away.

Wednesday, June 6

School Reunion

One of the best things about memories of school life was the freedom to try
out many new things, stay in touch with friends and having load of fun
talking and gossiping about everyone around even though there was cut
throat competition among friends. This sense of freedom is never possible
while working when our mind is clouded with coding and appraisal tensions
Amidst all these hassles, I do still manage to be in touch with a few of my
school and college friends.

I met up with some of my school friends last Saturday and I should say
that it was a wonderful evening.
One of my school mate Manick is my colleague. He sensed that
I don’t have much work. So dumped the responsibility of organizing
this get-together.So here starts all the adventure..
First I had to call up all the guys and inform them about meeting
on Saturday. Convince them that it is going to be worthwhile sending
some time with us.Second decide on the venue and time.
The second task was easier, as all guys voted for Citi Center
unanimously..Reason being "Lots of birds to watch there".

Out of the initial 13 guys, only 9 turned up on Saturday.

Harish ,Imran , Palani , Vinci .. these guys agreed to come
immediately when contacted.

Vasantha who is the sweet heart of our group..
who is that one member who enthusiastically attends all such
meetings and marriage receptions, could not come as she had to attend
another friend's wedding reception.

Archana who is going to be a bride on 16th of this month ..
agreed to come for distributing the cards, inspite of her hectic
card distribution schedule.

A few guys who showed interest initially.. did not pick up the calls
when I tried to contact them again on Saturday. Most of my school
friends are in the part of the career graph that takes off ,
so I cannot blame them for not being available for the get-together.

The 9 who made it reunion are now in different phases of life
Archana - happy bride .. getting married to her love on 17th.
She and her fiancé are comfortably settled in CTS.

Harish - Without this fellow.. I doubt if I would have ever got in
touch with my school mates again. This handsome is happily
settled with a many girl friends in E-serve.

Palani - UK return :) Thanks to the servers in his office for
being down on Saturday .

Shanmugapriya and Suresh.. I dont never speaking to these
two guys during school. It was great to get to know them ..

Vinci - the drawer of the batch, I mean .. He works for a
advertising agency .. a creative head.. He was with ...that
" Kaala venneer oothina look "

Imran - the Hunk .. now looks pretty thin.
The reason could be that he is engaged.
And getting married in Nov.
He is a rocking the HR team in Infosys.

Manick .. a good friend .. and now we are colleagues.
He rocks with goatee ;-)

Yogesh ... This fellow was virtually present during the reunion.
Thanks to mobile technology.
This person is frustrated by the females of his office
who dont share a glass of tequila with him... All the best dude

so thats about the guys ..The memories of the school and college days
are to be cherished.. And such re unions provide us a chance to relive
those memories. A few years down the lane , when friends are married
and settled in different geographical locations, these memories
are the main traces of the friendship that we shared.

Life is not the breath you take. Its the momemts that take your breath away.

Tuesday, June 5


This is one movie which I wanted to watch and I finally did.
And I loved it
The movie talks about the typical Inidan arranged marriages.
Having been through all those ritual, I could relate to the movie.
And I really liked it..

Monday, April 30


Remember this post?

Yes .. finally ..I started driving !!

Thursday, April 26

Back to phoktai

Yes .. Back to phoktai..
After a brain racking project release work for the past 6 months ..
I am back to my natural state of being phokat
No work .. no users or clients' warning or escalation mails ..
Life is not always bad ..

Wednesday, April 11

Forgiving and punishing - S/W version

Forgiving or punishing
the terrorists
is left to God.
fixing their appointment
with God
is our responsibility
- Indian Army

Updated statement for this in S/W Industry...

Forgiving or punishing
the Developer
is left to Manager.
fixing their appointment
with Manager
is our responsibility


Forgiving or punishing
the Manager
is left to Client.
fixing their appointment
with Client
is our responsibility

- Developer