Tuesday, January 31

I dont remember my tricycle days , i dont remember if i even had a tricycle. but i surely remember how i learnt riding a bicycle . My dad or grandpa running behind me .. trying to hold the cycle before i would fall.. Being very clse to my school , my school days were spent walking betwen school and home. Thanks to Priya , who used to walk with me from school till park Sheraton Hotel pulling her cycle along .

I learnt riding a tvs 50 and scooty. But never got even a learner's license.
Studied in a residentail college . Enjoyed walking to class from hostel with bunch of friends. Our colege was on a small hill. So it was difficult to ride a cycle . Our professors or the autos leaving the campus used to drop us at the shopping center just below that small hill.

After college during tarining period at mumbai , we had office bus picking us up from Belapur and drop us at Vashi and dump us back in Belapur after 8 pm.

Close to 3 years since i started my professionsla life. Time seems to have moved so fast. Used to stare at each car .. especially saloon types and wonder when I would own one . Long back some astrolger predicted that i would marry a person who will have a four wheeler ..Kiran had a zen even before marraige. :-) ( Now I have started bellieving in Astrology ..hehehhee)

I just love my seat and enjoy back seat ( well its side seat ) driving ..
Hoping to start driving classes soon ..

Wednesday, January 25


Atlast I understood what I should do if i am tagged ..
Thanks Rajesh for tagging ..

Seven things that I plan to do:
Buy a house
Spend more time with my son Raghav
Learn cooking some exotic dishes
Learn driving
Call up my grandparents often
Improve my unix coding skills
Update this blog often

Seven things I can do:

Work hard
Face the unexpected
Surf internet 24 X 365.
Make good coffee
Long Walk Visit my favourite blogs atleast ones in a day

Seven things I can't do:
Remember birthdays and bill payment dates.
Crack a joke
Understand tax calculations / Shares / Mutual Funds etc etc
Make eye contact when I am wrong
Forget WEX and Greenwich projected executed in Patni
Use windows shortcuts

Seven things I say most often:
Thats fine
Chinnu ( I call my son Chinnu)
Lets see
I am sorry

Seven blogs I read often

My Husband
Ultimate Reality
Selective Amnesia
Sambar Mafia

People I want to tag:
My Husband

Monday, January 23

Thursday, January 19

It Goes on..

This morning , on the way to office , I heard a song ..

"Tension Vension kyun lethi hai jaane jaana ..
Chaar din ki zindagi hai muskuraana ..."

These lyrics seems to have infested me.. I have been smiling the whole day..

This song reminds me of Robert frost's words..

In three words I can
Sum up everything
I've learned about life..
It Goes on..

Tuesday, January 10

Things I should do this year..

1. Stop eating chocolates.
2. Start exercising.
3. Stop biting my nails.
4. Remember birthdays
5. Start taking lunch packed ( for this .. I should start preparing tasty food).
6. Learn proper kannada and Telugu from Kiran
7. Stop eating junk food.
8. Overcome the urge to stop at Dominos
9. Stop avoiding people on yahoo messenger.
10.Keep in touch with my college friends.

Hope this year gives me time , energy and enthusiasm to do these ..

Tuesday, January 3

Some Thathuvams - Forward

Sirpi Kalla Uliyaala adicha that is "Kalai" But
Namma Sirpiya Uliyaala adicha that is "Kolai"

Railway Stationla Police Station irukkum But
Police Stationla railway station irukkathu

Yevalavu Dan Neechal Therinjalum
Tumler thannila Neentha Mudiyathu.

Ennathan Naiku Nalu Kaal Irundhalum
Athaala Kaal Mela Kaal Pottu Ukkara Mudiyathu

10 Yerumbu Oru Yaanaia Kadika Mudium Aana
10 Yaanaila Oru Yerumba Kadika Mudiyadu.

Mandaiya Pota Die
Mandaila Pota Dye

Nee Enna Thaan Costly Mobile Vachiruthalum
Adhula Evalavu Thaan Recharge Pannalum
Unnaala Unnaku Call Panna Mudiyathu

Kosu Kadicha Yaanaikaal Varum But
Yaanai Kadicha Kosukaal Varathu

Valkaikum Valukaikum Orea Vithyasam
Onnumae Illatha Valkai Bore Adikum
Onnumae Illatha Valukai Glare Adikum

Policesikkum Porukikkum enna Vithyasam
"Adi-Thadi" Senja Porukki
"Thadi-Adi" Senja Police

Trainnuku Ticket Vangi Platformla Ukkaralaam Ana
Platform Ticket Vangi Trainla Ukkara Mudiyathu

Ennathan Karatela Black Belt Vanginalum
Naai Thorathina Odi Thaan Aganum

Busla Nee Earunalum
Unnmalae Bus Earunalum
Ticket Vangaporadhu Nee Thaan

PAAL Kotinna Vera Paal Vaangikkalam
Arisi Kotinna Vera Arisi Vaangikkalam Aana
Thel Kotinna Vera Thel Vanga Mudiyuma?

Ticket Vangitu Ulla Poradu Cinema Theatre
Ulae Poitu Ticket Vangaradu Operation Theatre

Kaakaa Enna Thaan Karuppa Irundalum Adhu Podura Vellai Thaan
Muttai Enna Thaan Vellaiya Irundalum Athukulae irukura Kaakaa
Karupp Thaan

Iron Boxla Iron Pannalam Anna
Pencil Boxla Pencil Panna Mudiyathu

Cream Biscuitla Cream Irukkum Anna
Naai Biscuitla Naai Irukathu.

That is life