Tuesday, August 29

Books Tag

Picked up this interesting tag fro another blog

One book that changed my life:
Fountain Head - The determination shown by the lead character Howard Roark influenced me so much , that I Started thinking like him in some situations.

The book you have read more than once:
1. The Pillars of Earth - Ken Follet
2. Kane and Abel - Jeffery Archer
3. Fountain Head - Ayn Rand
4. Fish and Fish for Life - Stephen Lundin and Harry paul
5. Acts of Faith - Erich Segal

One book you would want on dessert island:
Difficult to answer .. probably some book like
Idiots guide to learn camel riding

One book that made you laugh:
Inscrutable Americans - Anurag Mathur
The Department of Denials - Anurag Mathur

One book that made me cry:
Abridged version of the classic - Mayor of Caterbridge - Thomas Hardy
We read this book as a part of school english sylabus.
I have cried every time I read the chapter where Henchard leaves dies leaving behind a will which says
that Elizabeth Jane should not be told about his death, that he not be buried in consecrated ground, that no one should mourn for him, and that no one should remember him

One book you wish you had written:
Ponniyin Selvan - By Kalki
This books depicts the life of the kings and queens during the Chola period.
I wish I could go back to that era.

One book that you wish had never been written:
1996 batch - 10th std History book. It was such a big book and we had to study that for two years.
I guess after our batch the sylabus was revised and the book was made half the original size.

One book you are currently reading:
Mistress - By Anita Nair

One book you have been meaning to read:
The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit - By Ralph Kimball

Would like to tag
1. My Husband
2. Being Rajesh Prabhu - Rajesh
3. Think High -Prasanna

Friday, August 18

Raghav and Raghavi

This is my son Raghav

This is my daughter Raghavi

Tuesday, August 8

Acts of Life

I have been reading the book "ACTS OF LIFE " by Erich Segal.
Its one of the well written books I have ever read.
And I am reading this for the third time, sice the first time in 1996.
If anyone wants the PDF version of this book, leave a comment with your email address.

There are a few books which I can read even a thousand times, if time permits. Those books are
1. The Pillars of Earth - Ken Follet
2. Kane and Abel - Jeffery Archer
3. Fountain Head - Ayn Rand
4. Fish and Fish for Life - Stephen Lundin and Harry paul

Do read them .. they are worth spending some time.

Tuesday, August 1


Who said Nothing is Impossible.
I have been doing NOthing for so many years.
It is possible.

Father 2 his son :When i beat u, u never get annoyed.
How do u control ur anger
Son: I start cleaning the toilet seat
Father : How does that satisfy u
Son : i use ur tooth brush.

Wednesday, July 12

A letter from mumbai

Dear Terrorist,

Even if you are not reading this we don't care. Time and again you tried
to disturb us and disrupt our life - killing innocent civilians by
planting bombs in trains, buses and cars. You have tried hard to bring
death and destruction, cause panic and fear and create communal
disharmony but everytime you were disgustingly unsuccessful. Do you know
how we pass our life in Mumbai? How much it takes for us to earn that
single rupee? If you wanted to give us a shock then we are sorry to say
that you failed miserably in your ulterior motives. Better look
elsewere, not here.

We are not Hindus and Muslims or Gujaratis and Marathis or Punjabis and
Bengaliies. Nor do we distinguish ourselves as owners or workers, govt.
employees or private employees. WE ARE MUMBAIKERS (Bombay-ites, if you
like). We will not allow you to disrupt our life like this. On the last
few occassions when you struck (including the 7 deadly blasts in a
single day killing over 250 people and injuring 500+ in 1993), we went
to work next day in full strength. This time we cleared everything
within a few hours and were back to normal - the vendors placing their
next order, businessmen finalizing the next deals and the office workers
rushing to catch the next train. (Yes the same train you targetted)

Fathom this: Within 3 hours of the blasts, long queues of blood donating
volunteers were seen outside various hospital, where most of the injured
were admitted. By 12 midnight, the hospital had to issue a notification
that blood banks were full and they didn't require any more blood. The
next day, attendance at schools and office was close to 100%, trains &
buses were packed to the brim, the crowds were back.
The city has simply dusted itself off and moved one - perhaps with
greater vigour.

We are Mumbaikers and we live like brothers in times like this. So, do
not dare to threaten us with your crackers. The spirit of Mumbai is very
strong and can not be harmed.

Please forward this to others. U never know, by chance it may come to
hands of a terrorist in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iraq and he can then
read this message which is specially meant for him!!!

With Love,
From the people of Mumbai (Bombay)

Got this mail as a forward.
I really appreciate the spirit of mumbaikar!


She is just 1 month old in this company and this is her first project.
He is 4 months old in this company and this is his second project.

He has been given the responsibility of She's Knowledge transition.

He sends a document to She which has all the technical details. Name of the document is "Business Jargons". He also send a few project documents. He instructs She to go through the documents before the meeting

Note: There are two set of documents
1st set - name of the document "Business jargons"
2nd set - Project documents

Scene : Meeting

He: Hi ! Welcome to our team
She: Thanks
He: So .. Did u get some time to go through the project documents
She: Yes... But there are too many jargons used in the project documents. I need some more time
He: Jargons .. That is a different document
She: Yes He.. Business jargons is a different document..But I am talking about the jargons in the project document
He: As I told you .. Jargons is a different document .. dont mistake that with project document
She: ( ohhh!!! GOD save me .. This fellow doesnt even understand what a jargon means!!!!) fine He.. Can we try to arrange for some sessions for discussing the project details ??

He doesnt understand what Jargon means .. He thinks "Jargon" is the name of the documents
Dont know how some people can be this dumb!!!

Wednesday, June 14

Hit counter

I have been getting a few hits on this blog from some new places.
There have been a few hits from New Jersey and some place in Australia.

And the person from New Jersey vists my blog pretty often. Check out the screen shot below.

Mr . NJ , Thanks for visting. btw .. just curious ..wanted to know whats so interesting about this blog. :-) It hardly has any interesting topic and is rarely updated. Anyways .. thanks for lot for visiting the blog. the increase in the hit counter makes me happy

Thursday, May 25

Too many changes - I am very happy

Long time
Dont have time even to open this blog.
Too many changes in life .. I am enjoying them
Our new home .. Moved in to our own house last weekend.
The new house looks great.. All credit goes to Kiran for all his hard work to run behind painters and carpenters to bring the house to this great shape..
The best part of this house is the great view of Durgam Cheruvu from one of the balconies.. Its really breathtaking .
For those who dont know .. Durgam Cheruvu is a beautiful lake in Hyderabad. Its one of the tourist attractions here.

And them my new job. I quit my job at Keane and have joined Wipro.
Manikonda office is very good. Have not been allocated to any project still. Might have a cleint interviw in a day or two.
Please pray that I get through these interviews and get into some project. Dont want to be on bench for long. Seems like I have finished reading all preiodicals in the library.

Raghav is now with his grand parents in Coimbatore. Seems like he is having a good time there. Missing him.

Sometimes life moves too fast

Friday, April 21

A Rant

I’m bored. I’m freakin hungry. I don’t know what to blog. But I managed to whine.

"Whats up? Howz life? "
When someone asks me this question , do they really expect me to tell them that I am going nuts as my code is freaking? Do I tel him that I am hungry coz i dindt have my lunch and I hate the food which I cook?

A few questions keeps popping up in my mind ,
1. Why are we here?
2. What is the purpose of our life?
3. Do we have enough money for tomorrow to pass?
4. Does HE exist?
5. Does HE have time to answer my prayer?
6. Does HE hear my prayers?
7. How does HE manage to consolidate everyone’s prayers?
8. Does HE have any tool for prioritizing our requests and granting or rejecting them?
9. Why aren’t all HIS processes transparent?
10. What does HE have in store for me for tomorrow?
11. When will I get to eat garlic bread again?
12. Did my neighbor notice me wearing that new dress?

They just remain there. Unanswered, unattended, unmodified.

Thursday, April 6

Do you use T9 dictionary?



What the hell is T9?

Tuesday, April 4

Time(Once in a life time)

On Wednesday, April 5, 2006,
at two minutes and three seconds
after 1:00 AM in the morning,
the time and date will be

01:02:03 04/05/06

This will never happen again in
your life time.

My Freined Hari , who happened to
see this post sent me the
below given information ..
check it out

Believe me.. this moment will
come again just about a month later...
01:02:03 04/05/06 - on May 04, 2006

Something similar will happen
again this year ...
03:04:05 06/07/08 - Aug 07, 2006...
or July 08, 2006 :)

Do not want to pakau u with
various cominations...
but.. it depends on how a
person visualizes something.. agree?


Wednesday, March 29

Wednesday, March 22

Steps .. for COPY and PASTE

The whole cubicle was roaring with laughter when She entered her Business Unit.
Its hard to see the whole team free and together in such a light mood.
She was curious to find the reason. She couldnt wait to drop her handbag and rush to join the team.
The cubicle roared again as someone cracked another joke , when she entered her cubicle.
The moment Mr M saw her coming .. He started ..

Mr M : You want to know what happend just a few minutes back?
She: Ofcouse .. I am all ears
Mr M: You are aware of the java task I am working on , hena
She: haan re.. Mr H sent that work, right .
Mr M : Ya ya .. the same..
She: Uska kya hua ..
Mr M: Jaldi mei ho kya .. sunn .. let me explain it to you step by step..
She : Ok Jaldi bata ..
Mr M: Mr H was on sametime when i came in. he wanted me to copy a java file to the client machine. I couldnt copy it there as it was too slow. Mr H was in a great hurry.. He wanted it to be done right then.
Then he says ( says the chat between him and Mr H)

Mr H: Can you move that file to XX01?
Mr M: Unable to connect to XX01.. is someone else connected to it?
Mr H: Not sure.. Try it again.. Need this done now .. have to show it to client
Mr M: Trying ...
Mr H: Done?
Mr M: someone else is connected ..
Mr M: (stays slient)
Mr H: Can you copy it to some folder in citrix .. right click on the file and select COPY.. OK
Mr M: OK .. Now i am in destination folder .. ( In a nakkal tone ) should I right click there and
select PASTE???
Mr H: (Understood what situation he has dragged himself to ...in a totally wexed tone ) M.. do u have a linkline near you ???

Everyone bursts out laughing again..

Monday, March 20


Sweet little pair of legs and hands tumbling and trying hard to sit without support,
described over phone - never knew it could make one so happy.

Life is not the breath you take. Its the momemts that take your breath away.

Thursday, March 16

Appearance and Reality - A forward

Received this as a forward ..
Sharing it with you all ..

To appear wise, one must talk;
To be wise, one must listen.

To appear to do good, one must be busy;
To do good, one must know when to stand aside.

To appear to lead, one must put oneself first;
To lead, one must put oneself last.

To appear caring, one must give advice;
To be caring, one must give space.

To appear to love, one must know how to give;
To love, one must know also how to receive.

To appear happy, one must smile;
To be happy, one must be free with tears.

Life is not the breath you take. Its the momemts that take your breath away.

Wednesday, March 8

Happy Women's Day

Life is not the breath you take. Its the momemts that take your breath away.

Friday, March 3

My Freinds

This is just a copy paste from my home page..

This is just to tell my friends that I miss them .. I DO MISS THEM..

Name : Kavitha
Pet Name : Olive
About : The tallest girl .. She was my Hostel Roomie .The coolest friend .. She's the bold and the beautiful (Babe) girl of our group.

Name: Janaky
Pet Name : Jaan
About : Mallu dear .. Lost touch after marriage .. Now in Australia

Name : Anajana Topo
Pet Name: Ganju
About : The most understanding friend I have ever got.

Name : Anju Gupta
Pet Name : tantoo
About : One could always see her with a smile. A great person to be with..

Name : Anu
Pet Name : Anu
About : Her presence always inspires me ..

Name: Karthik
About : The model human being or the biggest manufacturing mistake made by the Human factory of God. Cause he is too good for this corrupt world.

Name: Hariharan
About : An excellent thinker, hard worker and an absolute definition of sweetness. Believe it or not, I've been smiling ever since I started writing this about him. He is always there for any help or advice and I know it by default.

Name : Naresh
Pet Name: Cobra
About : He was always there to giude me and advice me.

Name : Ankur Mahajan
Pet Name: Ankur
About : A real crazy fellow, A great guy, The best friend you can have and a great individual. A computer genious making the computer pray for mercy.

Name : Nikhil
About : A Smart and great guy . A very Fundu fellow.
Had a gr8 time with him during our trip to Bhojpur.
He is too good at asking questions esp during farewel parties ..

Name : Akash
Pet Name: DB
About: The best model of Mumbai and thinks he could win Mr. Universe.

Name : Sandeep
Pet Name: Sandy
About : If you have never met a sumo wrestler, come to India, here is the one for you but beware -
he's too sweet to handle.

Name : Ismail
Pet Name: Monkey
About : A real crazy fellow , A Cute friend .

Name : Rajeswari
Pet Name: Rajee
About: Very very sweet and always there to giude me and advice me .. Our Next CFS Web Admin .

Name: Jayanthi
Pet Name : Noooo ... She calls me Olive
About: A ditto of Rajee .. She is now in Bombay .. We had a gr8 time working in MRS project . I can never forget Option 1 and Option 2 PL/SQL task .

Name: Harikrishnan
Pet Name: Hari .. Calls himself Kaiser
About : Thinks he is a computer genius ... Always ready for pulling his own leg.

Thursday, March 2

Creative Criminal Blog ... Very intersting ..

Saw this picture on Creative Criminal blog ..
Do check Creative Criminal blog .. Its very interesting

Wednesday, March 1

This day . That Year

Location: (Girls hostel) Visitors room
Time: 14:00

She: (Looks around the vistors room .. scanning all the people sitting and wondering who is her visitor )
Mr X: (Holding a white envelope in his hand comes forward)
She: (Snatches the envelope from his hand) Where should I sign ?
Mr X: (Totally Confused) SIGN??? (Starts self introduction) I am X .. Doing my M.tech here.
She: Ok.. I'll call Manisha didi ... (Manisha .. she was the only Mtech student staying in hostel)
(turning to security gaurd) Bhaiya .. mere guest kaun hai??
Mr X: Hey .. I am your guest ..
She: !!!!!!!!!!! (Gives him a wierd stare) Sorry .. I thought you were some courier boy .... (Gives back that envelope)
Mr X: (Gives sad + wierd + pathetic look)
She: (kshhsssscheeeee... curses herself ... "Why do I blurt out everything I think ?? Poor fellow")
Mr X: (Gives that envelope back to him).. This is my bio data.
She: OK ..
Mr X: I have seen you in the college bank ..
She: So..
Mr X: have u noticed me ?
She: (Thinks .. " I have no interest in a guy looking like a courier boy" ..And makes sure she doesnt say that and gives a pleasant smile) Sorry .. no
Mr X: ok .. I have seen you many times there.
She: So ..
Mr X: Today is my last day in this college ..
She: oh Good ..
Mr X: Wanted to meet you before leaving campus .
She: ????? ( still confused )
Mr X: Just wanted to tel you that I want to marry you.
she: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr X: Please sit .. ( He sits down) I have spoken to my parents about you. I am joining L&T I Know that you are in your third year. I will be having two years work experience by the time you finish your BE.
She: ( Still Standing .. Still not believing abt what he is telling her..... )
Mr X: Have a look at my bio data. If interested ask your parents to contact mine. ( He thrusts that envelope in her hand)
She: (Takes the envelope ) Bye ....( What Am I saying???)
Mr X:(Gets up and prepares to leave) Dont forget to read the bio data.
She: (Walks out of the visitors room .. still not understanding ..Stares at the envelope, Tears it to pieces and puts it in the gutter )

She is till confused .. Who was this Mr X? Was this some kind of a joke on her played by her friends or seniors. She couldnt scold or act rude to this Mr X as he was pretty decent.

Now she is comfortably settled in her life .. witha great husband and a sweet kid.
She thinks of this fellow (poor??? Who knows??) only on this day ...

Friday, February 3

A small story on self Appraisal, Enjoy it!

A little boy went into a drug store, reached for a soda carton and pulled it over to the telephone. He climbed onto the carton so that he could reach the buttons on the phone and proceeded to punch in seven digits.The store-owner observed and listened to the conversation:The boy asked, "Lady, Can you give me the job of cutting your lawn?" The woman replied, "I already have someone to cut my lawn.""Lady, I will cut your lawn for half the price of the person who cuts your lawn now." replied boy.The woman responded that she was very satisfied with the person who was presently cutting her lawn.The little boy found more perseverance and offered, "Lady, I'll even sweep your curb and your sidewalk, so on Sunday you will have the prettiest lawn in all of North Palm Beach, Florida."Again the woman answered in the negative. With a smile on his face, the little boy replaced the receiver.The store-owner, who was listening to all this, walked over to the boy and said, "Son... I like your attitude; I like that positive spirit and would like to offer you a job."The little boy replied, "No thanks, I was just checking my performance and the job I already have. I am the one who is working for that lady, I was talking to !"

Tuesday, January 31

I dont remember my tricycle days , i dont remember if i even had a tricycle. but i surely remember how i learnt riding a bicycle . My dad or grandpa running behind me .. trying to hold the cycle before i would fall.. Being very clse to my school , my school days were spent walking betwen school and home. Thanks to Priya , who used to walk with me from school till park Sheraton Hotel pulling her cycle along .

I learnt riding a tvs 50 and scooty. But never got even a learner's license.
Studied in a residentail college . Enjoyed walking to class from hostel with bunch of friends. Our colege was on a small hill. So it was difficult to ride a cycle . Our professors or the autos leaving the campus used to drop us at the shopping center just below that small hill.

After college during tarining period at mumbai , we had office bus picking us up from Belapur and drop us at Vashi and dump us back in Belapur after 8 pm.

Close to 3 years since i started my professionsla life. Time seems to have moved so fast. Used to stare at each car .. especially saloon types and wonder when I would own one . Long back some astrolger predicted that i would marry a person who will have a four wheeler ..Kiran had a zen even before marraige. :-) ( Now I have started bellieving in Astrology ..hehehhee)

I just love my seat and enjoy back seat ( well its side seat ) driving ..
Hoping to start driving classes soon ..

Wednesday, January 25


Atlast I understood what I should do if i am tagged ..
Thanks Rajesh for tagging ..

Seven things that I plan to do:
Buy a house
Spend more time with my son Raghav
Learn cooking some exotic dishes
Learn driving
Call up my grandparents often
Improve my unix coding skills
Update this blog often

Seven things I can do:

Work hard
Face the unexpected
Surf internet 24 X 365.
Make good coffee
Long Walk Visit my favourite blogs atleast ones in a day

Seven things I can't do:
Remember birthdays and bill payment dates.
Crack a joke
Understand tax calculations / Shares / Mutual Funds etc etc
Make eye contact when I am wrong
Forget WEX and Greenwich projected executed in Patni
Use windows shortcuts

Seven things I say most often:
Thats fine
Chinnu ( I call my son Chinnu)
Lets see
I am sorry

Seven blogs I read often

My Husband
Ultimate Reality
Selective Amnesia
Sambar Mafia

People I want to tag:
My Husband

Monday, January 23

Thursday, January 19

It Goes on..

This morning , on the way to office , I heard a song ..

"Tension Vension kyun lethi hai jaane jaana ..
Chaar din ki zindagi hai muskuraana ..."

These lyrics seems to have infested me.. I have been smiling the whole day..

This song reminds me of Robert frost's words..

In three words I can
Sum up everything
I've learned about life..
It Goes on..

Tuesday, January 10

Things I should do this year..

1. Stop eating chocolates.
2. Start exercising.
3. Stop biting my nails.
4. Remember birthdays
5. Start taking lunch packed ( for this .. I should start preparing tasty food).
6. Learn proper kannada and Telugu from Kiran
7. Stop eating junk food.
8. Overcome the urge to stop at Dominos
9. Stop avoiding people on yahoo messenger.
10.Keep in touch with my college friends.

Hope this year gives me time , energy and enthusiasm to do these ..

Tuesday, January 3

Some Thathuvams - Forward

Sirpi Kalla Uliyaala adicha that is "Kalai" But
Namma Sirpiya Uliyaala adicha that is "Kolai"

Railway Stationla Police Station irukkum But
Police Stationla railway station irukkathu

Yevalavu Dan Neechal Therinjalum
Tumler thannila Neentha Mudiyathu.

Ennathan Naiku Nalu Kaal Irundhalum
Athaala Kaal Mela Kaal Pottu Ukkara Mudiyathu

10 Yerumbu Oru Yaanaia Kadika Mudium Aana
10 Yaanaila Oru Yerumba Kadika Mudiyadu.

Mandaiya Pota Die
Mandaila Pota Dye

Nee Enna Thaan Costly Mobile Vachiruthalum
Adhula Evalavu Thaan Recharge Pannalum
Unnaala Unnaku Call Panna Mudiyathu

Kosu Kadicha Yaanaikaal Varum But
Yaanai Kadicha Kosukaal Varathu

Valkaikum Valukaikum Orea Vithyasam
Onnumae Illatha Valkai Bore Adikum
Onnumae Illatha Valukai Glare Adikum

Policesikkum Porukikkum enna Vithyasam
"Adi-Thadi" Senja Porukki
"Thadi-Adi" Senja Police

Trainnuku Ticket Vangi Platformla Ukkaralaam Ana
Platform Ticket Vangi Trainla Ukkara Mudiyathu

Ennathan Karatela Black Belt Vanginalum
Naai Thorathina Odi Thaan Aganum

Busla Nee Earunalum
Unnmalae Bus Earunalum
Ticket Vangaporadhu Nee Thaan

PAAL Kotinna Vera Paal Vaangikkalam
Arisi Kotinna Vera Arisi Vaangikkalam Aana
Thel Kotinna Vera Thel Vanga Mudiyuma?

Ticket Vangitu Ulla Poradu Cinema Theatre
Ulae Poitu Ticket Vangaradu Operation Theatre

Kaakaa Enna Thaan Karuppa Irundalum Adhu Podura Vellai Thaan
Muttai Enna Thaan Vellaiya Irundalum Athukulae irukura Kaakaa
Karupp Thaan

Iron Boxla Iron Pannalam Anna
Pencil Boxla Pencil Panna Mudiyathu

Cream Biscuitla Cream Irukkum Anna
Naai Biscuitla Naai Irukathu.

That is life